About Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Course 

The increased drive for automation in the operation process of industries and the need for newer variants of machines has led to the increased demand in technicians and mechanical supervisors around the world. The Mechanical Diploma Holders are generally engaged in supervisory categories in different industries . The diploma in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus is designed in such a way so that the students are able to handle different technical issues in Mechanics accordingly.

What is Diploma in Mechanical Engineering? 

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is about the study of Mechanical parts and devices.
  • After completing the course students will be able to handle, repair, and design the Vehicle Engines, Engine or Watercraft, and Aircraft.
  • The course teaches students the concept of industrial equipment machinery, kinetics, fluid mechanics, and Robotics.

Who should Study Diploma in Mechanical Engineering?

  • Candidates who have interest in studying engineering and its related field should take up the course.
  • Candidates who want to pursue a career as a Hardware engineer should take up the course. 
  • Students who wish to build upon their knowledge of different topics of mathematics and physics such as materials, solid mechanics, thermodynamics, product design, etc in higher secondary level should take up the course. 
  • Candidates who want to pursue career as a industrial engineer can take up the course. 
  • Students who have a career planned in robotics, automobile manufacturing, aerospace engineering should take up the course.
  • Ethical and passionate candidates who have planned to start their own business should take up the course.
  • This course is also effective for candidates who wish to gain a certificate in mechanical engineering in a comparative shorter period of time, and be job ready.

Why study Diploma in Mechanical Engineering? 

  • Students can join B. Tech direct from the second year after completion of the course
  • Students get job easily in the government and Private sector
  • Students learn Designing and Maintaining mechanical parts
  • The students also have a chance to join the aviation industry as a technician in the Airlines.
  • Students become trained and have the skills to start their own initiative as Mechanics and start their own research lab.